Chris started out life in 1962 in the small village of Essendon in Hertfordshire, from there his parents and his two younger brothers moved to St Albans, it was here that he was educated and grew up and cut his teenage years. An apprenticeship took him study electronics at college, at the same time to earn some much-needed money he took a role as a roadie for a local live music promotor, working with the likes of Motorhead, The Pretenders, Blondie to name but a few. Once he completed college, he joined the family electronics business. Alongside his father the business grew with the video age and was one of the first in the country to retail and hire Plasma and LCD screens. During his time he furthered his knowledge by attending the Institute of Directors, he also volunteered for roles on boards of the Football Association and Consumer Credit Trade Association.

Marriage and two great children followed; it was very early on that the children’s disability began to show. Fast forward and Chris is now divorced and devoted to mentoring his two children who are now full time wheelchair users and young adults. Despite their disability they both love to travel, his son loves going to F1 races and his daughter loves to ski. With this in mind and some bad experiences when flying Chris decided to research into why no one has solved the holy grail of travelling by air in a wheelchair. Chris has now left the family business to throw himself full time into creating solutions to make air travel more accessable for wheelchair users and improving accessibility in aviation in general.


Chris currently lives in a village near Amersham/Chesham.