This is a positive campaign

It’s about engaging with Aviation, Stakeholders, Governments and Legislation

Towards finding a solution.

There is a desire for people across the disabled community to travel, those who simply cannot leave their wheelchair find this process of travel undignified, unsafe and an arduous task.

Most don’t use Air Travel, they are an invisible statistic.

Airlines struggle
Airports struggle

Governments look on with disdain
Governments want this resolved this without stepping in and enforcing regulation.

Dialogue with airlines, wheelchair manufactures and all stakeholders can change this process.

More Customers for Airlines
Safer Dignified Travel

 We are all living longer – lets create a foundation for future customers.

Flying by air for power wheelchair users is a challenge.

For so many this is one challenge too far. The process of transfer is often undignified Wheelchairs are often damaged in transit They can also end up at a different destinations. Air Travel is starting to put its house in order.