Whether it is input around design and/or legal compliance the world of accessibility can be a challenge for most industries, for decades aviation has predominately sidestepped this subject. However, accessibility and safety of PRM’s is now higher than ever on regulators action list.

Flying Disabled has nearly 30 years of a user led experience around disability/accessibility. This has resulted in a forensic drive into understanding and deep dive into the regulation, legislation and infrastructure around this demographic.

There is now a detailed approach to regulation around PRM’s (Passengers with Reduced Mobility), rules and compliance are being tightened. Governments globally are now being inundated by complaints from the public, their PRM constituents, most using social media platforms as a voice. This has resulted in the transport departments having to question the current regulations and consumer protection. There are now moves in the UK to hand its regulator more power, this will inevitably lead to the removal of “blunt” instruments and replaced with high fiscal penalties. Fines in the millions have been reportedly handed to airlines for failures – further global harmonisation of the regulations is also on the horizon.

I come with a network of partners from aviation and disability, all have a desire to make air travel a form of transport that covers a wide spectrum of disabilities.

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